Wine production starts in the vineyards, so a tourist a visit to Vina Belje should also start here.
A lookout spot on the Banovo brdo (hill) is surrounded by millions of grapevines and is a perfect place to take a break and enjoy the view of the fertile vineyards and the Croatian Danube Region. It can be reached by simply following a wine road that zig-zags through plantations of Grasevina, Chardonnay, Merlot and Blue Frankish all the way to the new winery located in the heart of the Belje vineyards stretching across 583 ha.

The tour of the new winery starts with a presentation in the wine salon followed by a walk to the winery where manual harvesting and state-of-the-art technology are combined to produce the Vina Belje wines.

The wines mature and age in Knezevi Vinogradi. The tasting room and the wine store serve as an entrance into the cellar that is mentioned in the depictions of the Battle of Mohacs from 1526. Beneath them, in the cellar, the Premium and Goldberg wines age in wooden barrels before setting off into the world or, at least, to the Kormoran Restaurant in the nearby Kopacki rit Nature Park, a kind of museum of the best Baranya dishes. Specialties made from carp, sheatfish or pikeperch from the Drava and Danube Rivers and their tributaries, meat stew and dishes prepared from game will go perfectly with the best Belje white and red wines.

After lunch or dinner, yet before ending the wine walk across Belje, one must return to Knezevi Vinogradi to visit the cellar archive. Tens of thousands of bottles ‘sleep’ there and from time to time, when they are brought to the table, they open new horizons for wine connoisseurs, proving that Vina Belje are a good ruler and the Prince of the Croatian Danube Region.