Old cellar was mentioned for the first time in 1526 in descriptions of Battle of Mohács when it was visited by Turkish soldiers of the great leader Suleiman the Magnificent, when this space was used as a horse stable and powder magazine and its lower level as a prison. 

This is the oldest cellar in the region and has a lot of interesting features. With an area of 1,200 square metres is the biggest in Croatia, and it was built in a special way in order to have two levels. The level upstairs is called ‘gator; and it’s typical for Baranja region as the cellar is not dug below the surface, instead it is dug into Banovo Brdo (Banovo Hill) which perfectly resembles a classic wine cellar, as the level downstairs actually represents.

There are 71 big oak barrels on the level upstairs made from Slavonian oak from Spačva forest, whereby 17 of them are with capacity of 10,000 litres and remaining 54 with capacity of 2,000 litres. There we also keep the greatest treasuries of each wine cellar – wine archive with over 20,000 bottles, including the oldest from 1949 vintage. As a part of the cellar we have a tasting room where you can taste and learn about Belje wines with a help of our professional staff members.