Prince Eugene of Savoy (1663. – 1736.) built the foundations of Belje as we know it today. His parents were Italians, he was born in Paris and, fighting for the Viennese Court, he became the greatest soldier of his time. For his great efforts in defending the Empire from the Turks, and especially for the victory in the Battle of Senta, Leopold the First, Emperor of Austria and King of Croatia and Hungary, bestowed upon him an estate between the Danube and Drava Rivers in 1697.

Courageous in war, wise during peacetime, he built a castle in Belje and joined 19 surrounding villages into an agricultural estate where he developed farming and cattle-breeding. In Knezevi Vinogradi, where he came across a large wine cellar, he built an irrigation system and planted vines. Only the best wine was good enough for him. Vina Belje shares his vision today. The company has ensured the best conditions for growing vines and transforming the grapes into wine. The wines proudly bearing the name of the Prince of the Croatian Danube Region have been created on the valuable legacy of the Prince of Savoy.