Young Graševina, Pošip, Riesling, Pušipel and Škrlet Wines – Soon to Appear on the Market

This year, En Primeur, the first tasting event for young wines, gathered three wine associations – Graševina Croatica, Vina Dalmacije and Bregovita Hrvatska, whose members joined forces to present young Graševina, Pošip, Riesling, Pušipel, Škrlet and other young wine varieties. This year’s En Primeur was organised under the auspices of, among others, the Winemakers Association of the Croatian Chamber of Economy, one of the key national promoters of Croatian wines.

More than 50 winemakers from all parts of Croatia gathered in the hotel Westin in Zagreb, in order to present their white wines of the 2016 vintage and red wines from 2015 and previous years, which are about to appear on the market. The goal of this presentation was to provide sommeliers, caterers, restaurant owners and wine lovers an opportunity to taste wine novelties that are awaiting to be discovered, so that they can make a reservation on time and order these young wines. Rich and diverse offer of large wineries with a long tradition, and excellent family wine cellars gave all visitors a chance to fully enjoy the Croatian wine offer.

As Mr Vlado Krauthaker, President of the association Graševina Croatica, which is responsible for the organisation of this project, said, “This type of event with a focus on the tasting of Croatian wines is a big step toward a better promotion of wine and winemaking in our country. As for the last vintage, I can say that it was exceptionally good and that Slavonia and Podunavlje are expecting fresh, drinkable and harmonious Graševina wine of rich and intensive aromas and flavours. This is one of the harvests, including both usual and late harvest, which will reveal the full potential of Graševina and pave the way toward new consumers. Given that Graševina is grown in almost 30% of Croatia vineyards, I think that we are fully entitled to say that we are a country of Graševina, where this wine variety produces the most abundant yields, which is confirmed by Graševina of the new vintage.”

“This year, Dalmatian vineyards yielded high quality grapes. The vintage was good in terms of quantity, whereas in terms of quality it was exceptional. Despite low yield, Pošip grapes have produced more structured wine with a stronger mineral note, whereas in case of Plavac Mali, the conditions were ideal for strong, full and harmonious wine, which is rare in this phase of ripening. Winegrowers and winemakers of Dalmatia are very satisfied and we hope that our customers will be satisfied as well. We have achieved very good results with Debit, Maraština, Vugava, Malvasija Dubrovačka, Plavina and Babić, as well.”

Jasminka Šaško, President of the association Bregovita Hrvatska, noted: “It would be inaccurate to say that we achieved top quality results this year, because many vineyards were swept by frost and many winemakers lost their yields; however, vineyards positioned in a way that protects them from frost damage, yielded grapes of outstanding quality. The wines are very harmonious and as a result of favourable weather conditions during the ripening phase, exceptionally nice aromas were formed. Freshness, fruitiness, fullness, complexity – these are the characteristics of the wines of Bregovita Hrvatska. Very drinkable, seductive, refreshing. The year was particularly favourable for early harvest of grape varieties for sparkling wine, as well as for usual harvest, which turned out to be of top quality. Among those who profited were also the winemakers who did not harvest their grapes until temperatures dipped below zero, waiting for an ice wine harvest. The only thing that we can do now is wait for this wine to be bottled and abandon ourselves to enjoying the charms that brings the savouring of every drop of this divine drink.”

This presentation of young wines is an important step within the framework of joint promotion of Croatian wines, but also when it comes to promoting the potential of wine tourism of Slavonia, Bregovita Hrvatska and Dalmatia, which is why all winemakers are glad to invite the participants to visit their wine cellars this spring and enjoy their wines.

The following winemakers participated in En Primeur 2017:

Graševina Croatica (19 winemakers):

Vina Antunović, Vina Belje, Krauthaker, Vina Kalazić, Iločki podrumi, Vina Buhač, Galić, PP Orahovica, Feravino, Vina Papak, Vina Pinkret, Misna Vina, Vina Jakob, Vina Markota, Perak, Podrum Mihalj, OPG Mitrović Antun, Erdutski Vinogradi, Podrumi Kolar.

Vina Dalmacije (8):

Grgić Vina, Jako Vino, Skaramuča, Vinarija Grabovac, Vinarija Rizman, Vinarstvo Prović, PZ Kuna 1898, Vina Terra Madre

Bregovita Hrvatska (24):

Voštinić Klasnić, Florijanović, Kopjar, Šafran, Kos, Kos Jurišić, Puhelek Purek, Branimir Žigrović, Vinarija Šimanović, Kocijan, Cmrečnjak, Dvanajšćak-Kozol, Podrum Štrigova, Kunčić, Novak Boris, Štampar, Jakopić, Horvat Robi, Belović, Kerman, Tomšić, Kossi, Kojter, OPG Jančar Zoran, Jarec-Kure