For the millions of years, winds blowing along Danube River had being bringing sand from all sides. It is delivered on the slopes of Banovo Brdo (Banovo Hill) and created yellow soil called ‘prapor’. And powerful Danube River flooded its banks and brought along Chernozem, a rich and fertile black soil where any plant flourish better than anywhere else.

For thousands of years inhabitants of Danube region planted vines on fertile black soil on the surface of vineyards, which provided sufficient nourishment for great yields, and yellow soil underneath made the grapes very special. It simply gave them a character!

For hundreds of years Danube was bringing wisdom to Croatian Danube region from imperial and royal cities. In Vienna and Budapest people studied how to get extraordinary wines from the top quality grapes. These people should be credited for Hungarians calling this region Boranya, which means ‘mother of wine’. For dozens of years they are proving that Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Frankovka, Rhine Riesling and Chardonnay flourish in the Danube region and are as good as in France or Germany from where they originated.

For many years Vina Belje leads other vignerons of the Danube region and every year they create a new wine story. And the main actor is the Princess Graševina, a variety not treated properly by many countries which uprooted Graševina plantings. However, her wine mother Baranja gently embraced her and Graševina responded to this love with the gold in glass. And it gave the name of Prince of Croatian Danube to Vina Belje.