Grapes from the fertile soil on the slopes of hills along the Danube give well known wines of the Croatian Danube region. These wines are suitable for lunch, for everyday pleasure, to be enjoyed in a big company; simply wines that everyone would come back to!

On Banovo Brdo, on the southern slopes of these hills spreading some 12 km from Danube towards the west, the grapes are shielded from the cold fronts from the north and they soak more sunshine than in the valley. There on the deposits of marl, chernozem, a rich and fertile black soil covers loess – yellow soil which guarantees that wine will have mineral properties. This is the greatest combination for wines enjoyed in selected companies and with the best food, for special occasions – for wines to be remembered for a long time.

On a tiny part of this practically superb location there are the very best grapes Baranja can give. It is called Golden Hill (Zlatno Brdo), already named during the Roman time Aureus Mons, while German rules of this territory named it Goldberg. Graševina, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon give wines for the special ocassions, wines we dream about, wines suitable to princes!