A premium quality dry red wine of controlled origin from the vineyards of Baranja, bottled in a 0.75 L bottle with a cork stopper.


Position Goldberg, Karanacka Mountain, planted in 2004. Position N-S, on a sloping terrain at an altitude of 140 – 160 m. The soil is degraded Chernozem soil on loess, relatively deep A horizon. Grass is planted between the rows of grapevines.


100% Frankovka

Harvest and growth cycle of grapevines

Second half of October (26.10) 2012. A vegetative cycle of grapevines was characterized by warm spring and extraordinary dry and hot summer. These circumstances created the extraordinary quality of the hrvested grapes. Vintage of 2012 was an exceptional year for red grape varieties because they had extremely high concentrations of sugar and excellent colour and aromas specific for each variety. Blue Frankish yielded small, dense, dark grape bunches, high in sugar content, with great colour and fruity aromas, the concentration of which was additionally emphasized by somewhat late harvest and relatively dried grape berries.


Hand-harvesting and the selection of the best grapes was followed by traditional fermentation with maceration on the skins in stainless steel vinificators for 14 days, pressing and a continuation of malolactic fermentation in big Slavonian oak barells. The aging continued for the next 12 months in barrique barrels.


Ready for serving or storing. The wine will continue to evolve its flavors in the bottle for at least 10 more years.

Tasting notes

The special character of this wine comes from selected dried grape berries and its ageing in barrels made of Slavonian oak in the silence of a hundred-year old cellar. The style of the wine is modern, full-bodied and warm, with noticeable but unobtrusive tannin structure, well-rounded and with pronounced fruitiness. With its dark ruby colour, impressive bouquet and rich structure, intense concentration and aromas of dark cherry and plum, with a fine aroma specific for late harvest, this wine has a long-lasting and rich flavour.
Matching food includes red meat, game which is a solid foundation to enjoyment of this wine served at 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.
Alcohol: 15.0%vol.