Top quality dry red wine from controlled designation of origin of Baranja Vineyards, bottled in 0.75 L bottles sealed with natural corks.


Exposition Karanac Hill, planted in 2004.Rows are oriented North – South, on sloped terrain at an altitude of 220 m above sea level. The soil is degraded Chernozem on loess with relatively deep A horizon. The space between rows of vines is covered with grass.


100% Merlot

Harvest and annual growth cycle of grapevines

Third decade of October (October 26) 2012. The vegetative cycle of grapevines in 2012 was characterized by relatively warm spring and extremely dry and hot summer. Such conditions yielded grapes of exceptional quality. 2012 was an exceptional year for red grape varieties because they had extremely high concentrations of sugar and excellent colour and aromas specific for each variety.
Merlot yielded small, dense, dark grape bunches, high in sugar content, with great colour and fruity aromas, the concentration of which was additionally emphasized by somewhat late harvest and relatively dried grape berries.


Grapes were hand-picked and placed in cases, after which the best grapes from the best vines were selected and fermented with maceration in Inox vinification tanks for 14 days.
This was followed by pressing and continued malolactic fermentation in a big barrel made of Slavonian oak. Ageing for 12 months in a big barrel.


It can be enjoyed immediately and/or cellared. The wine will continue to develop in the bottle for at least 10 years.

Tasting notes

The special character of this wine comes from selected dried grape berries and its ageing in barrels made of Slavonian oak in the silence of a hundred-year old cellar. The style of the wine is modern, multi-layered, dynamic and full-bodied, with lush and velvety tannins with pronounced fruitiness. With its dark and sparkling ruby colour and impressive bouquet reminiscent of ripe, red cherries, raspberries and black raisins and with its fine aroma specific for late harvest, this wine is unique in its harmonious fullness of flavour which lingers in the mouth.
Red meat and venison dishes are a perfect accompaniment to this wine, which is best served at a temperature of 18 – 20 ̊C.
Alcohol content is 16.0 % vol.