Belje Premium Wines

‘Premium’ wines were made from the grapes from the sunniest rows in the very best vineyards. Thanks to the very careful selection of the berries for these high quality wines and the state-of-the-arts technology, a meticulous control in each tank of our cellars, we know precisely the soil and micro-climate affecting the berries for each of our bottles. Berries were picked by hand and a portion of the grape is pressed with whole bunches, another portion is pressed after the berries were crushed and some after the maceration has been completed. Wines were nurtured on fine deposits in Inox tanks. Thereafter, white wines are aged for 6 months in barrels, while red wines are aged between 9 and 12 months in barrels. Another 6 months these wines age in the bottle becoming ready to prove in a glass who is the Prince of Croatian Danube Region.

Belje Goldberg Wines

Goldberg wines are produced from hand picked grapes harvested in a various phases of ripeness. Only the very best bunches are picked from the soil with virtually no humus. That is why a yield is small, but resulting wines have so much character. A part of the grapes is pressed with whole berries and another part after the grapes were pressed and last part after maceration. White Goldberg wines, Chardonnay and Graševina are aged at least 4 months in wooden barrels. Goldberg Cabernet Sauvignon is matured in small barrels for 18 months. Thereafter wine from various barrels is blended and kept for another 10 months in big oak barrel and for another 10 months wine is aged in a bottle. Royal Goldberg wines are true picture of the Prince of the Croatian Danube region.

Belje Select Wines

Select wines are produced from carefully selected and manually harvested grapes from several young vineyards. White wines age in inox tanks in order to preserve, once bottled, the freshness bestowed upon them by the fertile and mineral-filled soil, the winds that dry the grapevines and make sure that it is not too warm for the grapes, as well as the Danube and Drava Rivers whose currents, like natural barriers, make storms bypass these beautiful vineyards. Some of the red wines age for six months in large barrels made from Slavonian oak, while some age in inox tanks. They are blended prior to being bottled. All Select wines are distinguished by pleasant varietal aromas, freshness and minerality. They all proudly bear the title of the Prince of the Croatian Danube Region.